Contribution of Strategic Changes in Building New Learning

Concepts Unavoidable global changes have happened in the recent ten years leading to essential amendments in the educational technologies, some of them belong to the educational environment itself and the others are external.

Some of the external events were continuous, while the others were emergent, for example:

§ The spread of some diseases around the world, for example the cow madness and others, that made many famous universities invite their students to avoid attending their campuses, but follow them at a distance like the Internet or satellite channels.

§ Changes of the number and nature of security events in many countries and on the global level, these have limited the movement of the people and money.

§ The spread of the Internet, its easy access and its low cost.

§ The rise of new demands due to the global financial crisis among the governments, companies and individuals.. more>>>

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The European center for economics studies of the Arab orient and KIE university signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The European center for economics studies of the Arab orient and KIE university signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU indicates that ECESAO and KIE university will coordinate to conduct research projects in diverse economic fields. In addition, they will work to support the local communities by managing training courses.

KIE University Chairman meets with the Somali Ambassador in Damascus

KIE University Chairman met with the Somali Ambassador in Damascus on 1/8/2018, and end The meeting signing the university certificates and presenting the university president shield of Kai University to the Ambassador.

Authentication Kie University Certificates

Authentication Kie University Certificates from the Somali Higher Education and the Somali Foreign Ministry as an representative of the Sudanese embassy in Mogadishu and then from the Syrian Foreign Ministry and this Authentication from those countries, as well as it will be from each country has a representative embassy or Somali.

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