Mini MBA @ KIE University

Mini MBA @ KIE University


Mini Master of Business Administration


Duration of Study

2 to 6 months


Aims and Objectives

KIE University’s online Mini MBA program is designed for managers and other professionals who want to enhance a unique skill within a short period of time by mastering and focusing on the most needed areas.


Mode of Study

The LMS system enables KIE students to study through live interaction (audio and video calls) with their specialized instructors. You may need to buy a textbook. However, the syllabus, notes, quizzes and assignments are all provided on the LMS. Overall, all the work is done through KIE LMS.


Tuition Fees



Mini-MBA Programs

The available Mini-MBA programs are:

1. Management

2. Accounting

3. Marketing

4. Public Management Development

5. Health Care Management

6. Reputation Management

7. Tourism Management

8. Human Resources Development

Programme Structure

The program consists of core modules and elective modules. The four core modules are:

Management skills.

Economic for managers.

Finance for managers.

Marketing managers.


The elective modules are:


Strategic Management

Operations Management

Financial Management


Managerial Accounting

Corporate Finance



Market Research

Organizational Leadership  


Public Management Development

Public management and administration

Strategic planning in the public sector

Health Care Management

Health care management and leadership

Nursing management

Reputation Management

Corporate social responsibility

Stakeholders, risk and issue management

Tourism Management

Tourism management

Tourism marketing

Human Resources Development

HRD & management

Training & development