KIE Research & Development Centre (KIERD)

KIE Research and Development Center is owned by KIE University. We created this center because we believe in the essentially of scientific research and development in order to develop creative abilities, discover new knowledge and adopt standards of excellence in all aspects of life. It is an independent center which has no association with politics. We resort to science as a method to solve human problems.

The university’s mission and vision is to develop and enhance the university research in order to extend the frontiers of knowledge globally, which will equip our graduates with the needed science and knowledge to achieve development and sustainability in their societies.          

KIERD Message

Science has Resolved Some Problems and Complicated Others;

We Are Your Specialized Partners in Solving These Problems & Insoluble Dilemmas


1- The center is independent, nongovernmental

2- The center provides studies, consultations and research to resolve human issues

3- Commitment to scientific and objective methodology

4- Cooperation and integration with international centers and institutions

5- Openness to all global ideas, developments and trends

6- The center does not accept any conditional support, material or moral, that may affect the direction of the center in achieving its mission & objectives

Mission & Vision

We believe in education and scientific research as methods to achieve social development & economic sustainability


Support innovation, discovery and exploration of new ideas and innovative projects by facilitating scientific research and supporting it with various
incentives, external cooperation, using the most advance technology, innovative marketing and other means, such as promoting scientific and research partnerships to promote social and economic development.

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