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Science Does Catapult Nations


1- The centre is independent, nongovernmental

2- Commitment to scientific and objective methodology

3- Cooperation and integration with international centres and institutions

4- Openness to all global ideas, developments and trends

5- The centre does not accept any conditional support, material or moral, that may affect the direction of the centre in achieving its mission & objectives

Mission & Vision

Focusing on reading and learning as methods to create the best community that has raised up for mankind


1- Publishing Islamic economics literature in the global market to make itavailable to researchers & practitioners in the form of a FREE e-book

2- Providing all economic curricula for students & researchers supported with a solid Islamic foundation

3- Electronic publishing is more useful than paper publication

4- Using paper is environmentally harmful & exhausting to its resources

Out Partners

1- International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences

2- Global Islamic Economics Magazine

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